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Custom Software Design &       Engineering:

Positive Storm can design, build, implement, train, and support any Microsoft-based software you need for your business.  We can also provide the following additional services:


Microsoft SQL Server Database Administration & Support


SQL Server Migrations and Upgrades
We can upgrade your SQL Server with careful planning and testing as to minimize downtime and eliminate unexpected issues. We can also perform SQL Server migrations to get you up and running on the cloud.

SQL Server Maintenance and Troubleshooting
With a comprehensive knowledge of all things SQL Server, we can help your database perform better and provide optimizations on-premise and in the cloud for both new and existing databases.

24/7/365 DBA Support
Our remote database administrators are prepared for on-demand 24/7 support, offering you piece of mind that your databases will be managed professionally whenever you may need.

Our SQL Server developers have extensive experience designing, developing, and implementing SQL Server® solutions for organizations of all sizes. We are committed to providing quality, innovative SQL Server® consulting designed to your exact requirements to allow your organization to operate more efficiently and competitively. We back this commitment to quality with outstanding customer service and support. We have successfully implemented SQL Server® development solutions for clients across the United States.

Network Infrastructure Design, Implementation & Support


To ensure you get the most from your network, we will design your organization's technology infrastructure for the utmost in speed, reliability, flexibility, and scalability. We handle both new network infrastructure design as well as previously mishandled designs and migrations.


Monitoring and managing network infrastructure components such as firewalls, routers, switches and load balancers can be time-consuming and oftentimes not the most effective utilization of IT resources. As such, many organizations have come to realize that their network infrastructure can be helped by managed network services of a third-party provider, ensuring they can focus on more strategic initiatives.

At Positive Storm Holdings, our experienced managed network services team provides remote, enterprise-wide network infrastructure management and monitoring, giving you the assurance that the backbone of your business is running smoothly.

Server, Network and PC Cloud Backup Software

Data Cloud

Continuous data protection is a good practice for any organization to ensure business continuity and disaster recovery. We offer a powerful software to perform backups and snapshots with control over how frequently these are done. Customers control this or work with their partners. 

Our online backup software provides data protection benefits to workspaces. This includes enterprise class policy based backup solutions with file and VM level backups and restoration capabilities. You can also backup your data for as long as needed based on your requirements.

How it Works

Whether you want to back up data on a daily or weekly basis, or have your backups last for a certain number of days, you can customize your backup schedules according to your needs.

Custom Software Engineering and System Integrations

Code on Laptop Computer

We design and develop custom apps and software solutions — from mobile consumer apps to line-of-business corporate web applications and desktop system level utilities. To ensure your custom solution we deliver fully meets your goals, we assign business analysts to every project to work on functional and user experience requirements and priorities. You will have access the latest technology and field-proven tools. We know how to leverage, customize, or create and launch software that brings value.

Organizational Excellence

We consistently develop quality solutions for global organizations. Whether you're looking to augment your staff with skilled, senior-level developers or implement a new custom application, we ensure that your goals are met the first time through a unique approach that has led to 98% customer satisfaction in all of our engagements. 


Experience Makes the Difference

We've built outstanding software for clients in all industries, and our collective experience helps us quickly identify and understand the unique challenges each faces. From web applications and desktop solutions to mobile devices that pave the way for an exciting future, our team can provide a comprehensive range of software development solutions that are not only secure, reliable, and scalable but also solve your toughest challenges correctly and efficiently.

Network Security Analysis

Robots with Guns

Whether you're looking for small business or enterprise networking solutions, connectivity is no longer limited to the four walls of your office. Today’s business network includes data centers, endpoints, web and email gateways, virtual systems and mobile devices. And the number of attack vectors is expanding just as fast. Your network security strategy has to be in place and prepared to defend against these threats.

We can review your network and give you concrete solutions to secure your business immediately.

Report Writing and Business Intelligence


Operational systems are increasingly offering a wider choice of reports, greater flexibility, and even analytics capabilities. Some of these enhancements can come from embedded reporting and embedding BI applications or “widgets” into the system. Similarly, BI systems are becoming more interactive, giving end-users results in real time and extending to flexible, intuitive reporting capabilities.

Although the end-user needs are still separate, from the point of view of technology, the difference between reporting and business intelligence tools is decreasing.

Business intelligence reporting doesn’t just mean dashboards and PDFs, either. These same platforms that allow data professionals flexibility in how they do their jobs mean that end users also benefit from different ways to consume insights. With our customizations going beyond just changing colors, developers can now get involved by turning widgets into standalone apps that live on smartwatches and phones or embedding them into other business software platforms.

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